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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Bank Tellers Tale

Our story is important.yesterday I was telling tales with the bank teller and she told me this sweet tale I want to share it with you .
For thirty nine years Lila was friends with Nancy they both came from cape Breton but from different areas.The met shortly after they moved to Halifax as young girls do and they shared everything as life unfolded, wives tales children funnies and more.they went on USA Christmas shopping trips for years and saved a pile of money or putting into hotels and gas but they had a ball! 
Then one day Nancy passed away and Lila didn't take the trips with the other girls for awhile.
They all decided to go to Nancy's home town of Sydney for a short vacation.While they were there they went into the local Catholic Church for mass.
Lila sat at the back alone and missing Nancy said a prayer for her.Then out of the corner of her eye she saw a woman coming toward her who sat beside her.They began the usual talk about people places and things.Bridget had lived all her life in Sydney and worked at the local school as a teacher.She disclosed to Lila that not only did she know Lila's old dear friend Nancy but she was her best friend all through grade school and high-school.Both women knew and loved the one who was passed and they both believe their love brought them all together one last time that day together.What a beautiful way to say goodbye and walk into the future through the door of yesterday. 
Thank you Lila for sharing with me this sweet tale .

 caithleen carter steeves