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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The young girl waited in the borrow for her horse, a white stallion of silken hair to come to her beating heart.. She was so excited to see him once again she ran all the way over the fields and the bridge at the edge of the farm. She ran past the witching tree and waved to the old woman who lived in the cracked wooden shack at he edge of the village.
Chalice had been wondering most of the morning over the green fields eating and  feeling strong in the wind of the north south.He watched the farmer bring in the vegetables from the fields, cabbages, carrrots, his favorite, and some of the last bits of hay another favorite of his. He was feeling lonely since his friend the mare had been sold off the farm last spring. he hoped Margaret would be at the burrow and they would go flying. he only knnew how to fly with Margaret on his back because she had a very special medicine of sky sound, and when she sat on his back they could fly out past the earth, the hemisphere and the Pleiades. This brought him great comport and seemed to be very healing and joyous for Margaret as well.
Sometimes they would land on an island star and drink for its regenerative waters and just breath in the holiness of the renewing air there.Then return to earth .he never knew how long they were gone from earth but then horses did not need to know these things anyway.
There she was all dressed in violet and yellow dress and hat waiting for him. She scooped up her skirt stepped off the rock and sat easily on Chalice's back.All the magical mindfullness her grandmother had taught her about seeking adventure and knowledge far out into the Universe came back to her and they lifted off for another adventure in the sky beyond mind.