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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Home from School

I was talking to a friend this week who asked me "what was it like coming home from school when you were young"? Immediately my imagination sprang over to the old wood stove and yellow sunshine in my mothers kitchen .An old tin match box reflected the sun in my eyes sometimes, and a horse shoe hung upside down over the glass fronted door, while the big black kettle swung out fin-suite, fin-suite, tittle tittle back and forth over the cast iron shinning black stove top.
This time of year in late winter was the most precious of all coming in out of the cold weather we be skating tobogganing or just home from the school bus ride, this small room was paradise.
"Kathleen take your boots off I just scrubbed the porch floor", she would sing out, as she may be in the living room or upstairs who knew, but she knew when we came in every time never missed a mark.Then she may have been just sitting there in prayer sometimes her head back in her chair eyes closed and a pleasant very natural light on her face. Sometimes she would be waiting for the donuts to finish cooking in the deep fryer." Have to make your father some sweets for his lunches this week".
Yellow-Hello was the color of my mommy's kitchen and white with floors so clean you could eat off them until the dog came in or one of her seven cats. We were the last of the farmers in the area but my mother grew up on a farm with only a mother and a couple of Uncles to help out along with her four sisters.Arletta,Mildred Sarah and Ida. Some liked to call her Idy..
It was not unusual to hear her say as I was coming in the porch "don't take your boots off just run these potatoes over to Ted or another neighbour Doris.
One day I was there in her kitchen after school and I was talking about these white buck shoes I wanted, all the other kids had them.I thought this was going to work on her, She looked at me very seriously and ask me "If I jumped off the bridge would you?" "No!" I replied without a second thought.Little did I know this was my early days and ways of leadership training in my moms kitchen after school.Be a leader not a fool.
My mother was a solid woman in her small village of Edegett's landing in Albert Co. NB
She loved kids and we her two adopted daughters knew we were loved. She could sew us a new dress better than any store, make a wedding cake, or wedding dress, a costume for the school play. She loved to laugh and knew how to laugh at herself. This is the greatest gift she gave  me.Don't take life to serious and don't make mountains out of molehills.Sometimes mom would share the kitchen with dad he liked to cook and his meals were very healthy and tasty.No cotton wool bread for him we made homemade bread everyday, to go along with fresh vegetables, greens home made jams fish jellies and fruit.
Today my kitchen is bright the pot is on and my shoes are off while I cook clean and sing into my future a brighter place because of my mothers kitchen and all we found there..