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Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Stepping through the gate being held shut by a  worn, aged, rickety, latch that won't work until you get to know 'its ways', the mind aspires to solve its unspoken mystery of pull, lift, and catch, or pull lift and unlatch. The heavy wooden gate swings wide, while all of the  glory of natural beauty and ancient mystery bids you enter Kevin's spiritual sanctuary held in reverence for birds of all types. junco ,blue jays, chickadees, woodpeckers, etc. and many a stray sleepy neighborhood cat.
No two corners are alike so the cacophony of textures colors artifacts and statues all blend into harmonies, a  playful unfolding of green natural growth.
Immediately one is drawn along mosey laden grey cobble stone pathways to fix their eyes on the next delight of flowery ware. Grab a seat and relax for a half hour taking in all the healing colors, n light, you just may find a cup of tea in your lap when you open your eyes.
Every corner is lovingly coaxed into hominess, friendliness and winsome.
Natures constancy blesses magnanimously  every nook and cranny, with bushes and shrubs ,hedges, apple tree, bird baths, barked tree trunks, fire pit, chairs, old fences, broken swing new swing, a timeless ancient presence is evident. One need only use their senses to feel the warmth and substance to the soul this garden extends.
Pathways in the garden lead on to silence, tranquility and calm. There has been no plan other than the divine persistence of one man in his courtyard year after year welcoming spring with his meager offerings trusting his lessons through experience, practice and patience. The results have been outstanding.
Surrounded by metal buildings of brick and glass, churches of wood, apartments and worn city wares
this oasis of natural treasure is truly a gift to anyone's senses and curiosity. A timeless, priceless work
of art.