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Thursday, May 30, 2013


These tales are of no connection to real people and are only my own hearsay.They are blessed moments from me,friends and those we love.

Locki and Kay had just walked into the farmhouse after a car trip to town."How'd it go?" asked their son Finn.
"Och! I don't like ridin with that one," replied Kay, "He backed out of the Co-op and hit a poust!!" Finn smiled.
Locki was in the porch knockin off snow from his boots,then he came lightly around the corner into the kitchen,cocked his head to one side and said"Woman have yas no pity at all"?Then with a slight twist of his shoulder follows it up with,"she didn't say a word about the 6 I didn't hit!!

Framing Lessons

I heard recently one can pay for  farming lessons,and I smiled to myself,my dad was one of three sons born to a farmer and I was raised in farming ways in Southern New Brunswick.
As a young girl I had no older siblings so me and my dad did a lot of stuff together,cars,fishing,gardening,and storytelling.He loved to make people laugh.
I loved my dad's brother david just the same as my dad they were always hangin out together and around old cars.Motor-jobs and tranny's were there specialities.They were happy to combine the new and the old worlds.Dad was going into town one day, and so was I, until we stopped at Uncle David's, and saw that he was killing some chickens, it was spring thaw and he had a surplus in the hen house. So I stayed to help Uncle David and dad came back for me later on.
We did a few then went in for lunch David weighed in at 380 lbs and loved to eat.Aunt Myrtle had made a good feed of Mackeral and potatoes with cream and cucumber.My favorite to this day.
Dad arrived back in a few hours sporting a brand new laminated polyester jacket. We all went out to the hen house to start a new batch of chickens.We didn't have very many left when dad looks over and says "Here Caithleen let me help you, your not doing that right", and he proceeded to grab a chicken by the wing and legg on the right and them same on the left."See ya take a wing and a leg in each hand then you shove the head unto the block"! As he shoved the head Uncle came down with a great BLOW!!! and all the SHIT of CHICKEN sprays back on the new bought jacket, like a spring lawn sprayer!!!!
I'm laughing so hard i got pain in my sides and Uncle just looks up and says "ok Caithleen the last ones yours" with a big grin from ear to ear. dad headed to the house to get cleaned off.
Im still smiling cause I never did get on on dad very often!!!!!This is one of my favorite memories of hangin out with Dad and Uncle David.I was age 12 at the time yet carry the lesson with me to this very day.Keep your chickens legs together.