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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


And then there is where I live now, as if I'm a world traveller. Ha! Hay! I' ve lived a lot of small places in my time and Love where I am in life why just today I was at the post box down the street and while on my way I met May we talked for about 20 minutes on just this topic.
She came here in 1957 a young war bride from Ontario, the wife of a United minister. She remembered when the road was gravel and children would play by the road till all hours of the day and evening. Running after hockey sticks here and there, car pool. Why she even enlightened me about a Yacht Club over by the Old Chinatown Restaurant in her day, and a brook ran through the ravine behind our house, the kids were always being chased out of there, she said. No bus service back then, all woods and housing lots.
Last year she said they feed 17 deer I hope I have a chance to be part of this wondrous place for many years to come.
Hope I meet up with May on my travels again.