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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Working night shift,taking calls from cocaine addict, drunks and pot smokers.Night life as a worker in Detox.Its dark outside its deathly quiet on  the inside all have settled into their beds finally,Its like day care with no training..Adult children are up until the first light vomiting and crying in remorse and sadness at the cruelty they have endured.The dope dot work any more to shut off the head and warp the heart.
A call comes in my night nurse is on the call Im standing just between her and the staff bathroom."How many of them are there"?"What is he throwing them with"? "Are you safe do you need protection:? The call takes about 10 minutes.
We have learned that a man is throwing his 4day old puppies up against the wall in hi house while he is tripping out of his mind on cocaine!!We document this in our staff log book and decide to meet  back at the hospital early to place a report in with the director asap.We do so.
We enter the directors office together and then proceed to inform her of the event the night before and what we learned on the phone.We are expecting to be asked to fill out an incident report and then for a call to be made to animal rights or the SPCA.
"Oh we cannot get involved in any thing like that", is what I hear come out of the directors mouth!!Im thinking to myself NO YOU! cannot get involved in anything like this!!!
I made the report from home the next day.

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