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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer On The Arm

Summer breezes move the trees behind me with a softly sun filtered glow of yellow on green,as a blue sky hovers close by.I'm having breakfast at 2pm the singers/entertainers standard time zone.Breakfast with the birds in the background and the smell of the sea, here on The Arm in Armdale Nova Scotia.Off in the distance I can see the sailing boats clip over the tides or just lazily float on the back harbour of Halifax .Children are squealing off in the next street to mine where some kind of summer game is in full swing.A dog barks.The wind picks up into the trees again and JO JO the long and lanky Turkish Angora lays languid across the terrace floor five stories up.He gave up on the Monarch butterfly he was fascinated with earlier.Lilies,nastirchins,pansies,snow pea flowers are awake and fluttering in the warm afternoon breezes.
The terrace looks off to the south of the Arm into the hills of Spry's feild and the waters off the Purcell's cove Road.Traffic is slow today and not at all noisy here in the back garden of the apartment.
This is my first year on the Arm and after living in the country for four years it is refreshing to have a lake near by,just what one would want when entertaining two grandchildren,boys, who love to swim.choclate Lake has been a family favorite for almost 30 years living in this area.Boats are not allowed and the swimming area is well suited for children.on very hot days we head out in the mornings earlier before the pavement gives off its rude hot summer rays.To hot at times for walking, here there is a roundabout and three roads all merge into one.Armdale is picturesque and very busy traffic wise.There are however nice resturants and parks near by.The day is on now so Im off to the Job bank to use the computer there.
Hope you are having a great time at the place you live and can come to visit halifax someday and see the beauty of the sea in Armdale Nova Scotia. 

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