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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Empty pockets

One fine hot summer day our family decided to go on a picnic and stop into the zoo, abut 60 miles from home on the other side of Moncton.
We invited our grandfather Charlie,and his friend Wilfred.
Grandpa Charlie had a family reputation of being overly generous, and Wilfred was known to be on the  stingy side.
I slide my nine year old hand into Grumpy Charlie"s and off we went!
The sun shone bright in our faces as we sauntered up the gravel stony path to the small animals cages.Our first stop.
"Oh look a raccoon" I gasped.Wilfred turned to face us leaving his back exposed to the cage.A raccoon came up behind him and stuck his little paw into his left pants suit jacket pocket,unbeknowns't to him.
Gramps Charlie could not resist the comment "Ya won't find anything oink there little one".
We all smiled and moved on.Wilfred no less the wiser of his visitor.
Later on at home my dad and Charlie sat for hours making merry with the experiment of the raccoon paw in the wrong pocket!
It became a family humorous telling at many dinner table gatherings for years to come.
It is one of my fondest memories.

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