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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I remember when her womanhood started to blossom.I first heard it in her voice like the sky had turned up her volume and set a stark Venus sensuality in its texture. The sweetness of her Spirit engaged outrageously with the bountifulness of her soul!It was bewitching like you wanted to hear its infectious depths over and over again!I cocked my head sideways at her furor the first time her maturity hit me!I looked at this new fated person somewhat quizzically.
Her hair had always been rich auburn wavy like a Dorothy La Moore;her eyes were lightly set in Irish Green full of sweet sunshine,as if their every movement would follow and not expose her purpose,like placing a cigarette in an ashtray, or moving a man with the curving motion of her hips and shoulders.Their graceful dance made you feel an inner smile as she empowered and maintained your best interest while in her presence .
She would give herself days in her duality of mind working her way through hidden feelings and complex issues always ever mindful of others feelings then arriving at the most simplest and profound common sense ever delivered from the notorious human female wit.
Every moment in her presence her eyes would stay you gently as she carried through her humble intentions.Sometimes she would stop in mid air quickening a smile and a toss of her head to get the point across on a very important daily task.her obscure mind opening and closing on many issues ideas approaches and actions.
She is liked by many,even re veneered by a few.She genuinely cares about you.She is not sure why or why not its juts her way.People can always be nice as they discover the world in her way of thinking.
Some things are not to be talked over too much they are too precious and we are not at all as smart as we like to think we are.This is her greatest gift - humility.
This day was no different that any other.I sat there home from some Ithacan adventure and very tired and probably somewhat hungover.Then out of her mouth came this tubular throaty red laughter.I looked quick to see who it was.She sounded and acted so alive more vibrant,and alive than I had ever seen her.I asked if she had a new lover.I felt jealous.
Where was my sweet smiling non verbal girl who walked so close to my heels in childhood?She is here -- she is there-- she is sweet she is mature free and artistic.
I went to the table with my tea she had poured me, hoping she would laugh again.The sweetness of her laugh was there yet today it had a very throaty undertone of an Egyptian flesh pot, without condemnation and reproach.No phony specifications.
Now many years later I want to  say thank you to me sister for a most profound experience of witnessing a miracle of life being born into a new cycle.My lady as come forth and herald a great welcome to the Queen of her own lands. Her self-hood had come home to a new phase of human development set out onto a stage where  performed joys of later years appear simply and naturally arriving  on Que when one puts away the old worn out ways of childhood.
Life has such meaning to me today because I have shared my time with Gerrie my sister, my friend, my weird and wonderful friend.

Caithleen Carter Steeves.

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