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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunday Jack

There I stood in the full days sun in my Sunday best go to church clothes,with chest out all exalted with great courage and pride as Granddad steadied the horse Old Jack, tucked in the bridle and firmed my stirrups with his strong hands.  I chimmyed  the arm swung my hip and swooped my leg up over the huge black back.
We meandered over to the field for a bit of a stroll, heading for Jacks usual daily watering hole.I had asked if we could take the field way instead of the road way so I could get a longer ride.Then we would meet Granddad on the road later.
Grandpa took the short path off through the field, to the road then along to the brook spring.
Me and Jack came along slowly to the road,the rocks clattering, clattering under his hoofs,until he stopped trained in his head ,lowering his neck to get a drink of the cool cold waters off the spring.
"Ease back Caithleen ease back". Herman would say in his calm voice.
That seemed easier said than done to a 10 years old.I held on tight with my thighs and eased my neck further back up over the long black slide of Jacks neck.We laughed as we both imagined me sliding off the horse and into the brook!!.
What a fond memory of Sunday walks on Jack the horse at my Granddads farm,in Hopewell Cape New Brunswick.

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