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Monday, October 15, 2012

Ti's a very lovely fall day Ti's.Today the pots were out and singing on the stove with squash soup golden and shinning off into the storing bottles.Apples were jumping up and down from the pealing dish and then into the pie deep dish for the ready hot oven.Sweet fall smells were wafting up over the Bay  for the sea-gulls and other sky creatures to enjoy .
Had an old friend pass away his name was Shanney to me.We had a lot of fun as hairdressers in the 70"s.Working then for one of the leading hair salon's now worth millions.
Its weird when someone passes away you automatically remember all the laughter and fun you had with them or I do.I see him so intent on giving GOOD services to people and his smile was so warming with a twinkle of tease in his black eyes.he kept his nappy hair cut very short,and would have worn white skin if he could.
He used to walk by me as I was working on a persons head and say "hey not bad for a first haircut", man that used to drive me nuts!!!!and he knew it!!!!!xoxoxoxo
One time his girlfriend and I were doing a perm in her hair (she and I became friends for years)and it all fell out and down the sink!!!!!F___!!!I near shit-me-self!!!!We were crying in our soup and Shanney walks by and says "See that's what happens when you let her do your hair", "OH!! Go!!!AWAY!!! We both screamed it at him.She  had to go to the Ike and Tina concert at the Forum  in a wig that night and wore it for month!!!!She had used a chemical color I didn't know about.Man can I tell some stories from that shoppe.
Sometimes he would tease me saying "I bet I'll be the first black man you sleep with", and shine his white teeth at me and I would blush as he knew I would!!!!and quickly I'd walk back to my station.He was famous for teasing us girls in the shoppe.He hide standing in the dark coat closet one morning and when Margie opened the door he jumped out at her, nearly gave her a heart attack!!!!!LMAO
One time I  was serving a lady who was a local judge's wife.She asked for a non-appointed perm one Saturday morning,so I fit her time goes by; the boss man comes to me saying" how come Edith Manderson's husband Judge Manderson had to wait for her out in his car!!!!!SHIT!!!
So I go to the receptionist "Winnie, you get that woman out of my book OUT OUT!!!!I will not do her next week....So sweet Winnie calls her and I can still hear her innocence "Edith,(laboriously slow and sweet) Kathie regrets that she feels she is not giving you the service you deserve,so we are placing you with a more senior stylist! Hog whash!!
Edith is now being served by Shanny every Saturday morning.Miracles never cease!!
Then after a few months I ask after her from Shanney in the staff room one day."Oh" he say s "I dunno",I haven't seen her since she pulled out her corncob pipe and I asked her if she wanted some wacky tabbacy in it!!!!!!"   "hahahahahahahahahahaha" and slapped his leg!!!!xoxoxoxo
Happy Heaven Trails Shanney      maybe next time you"ll be  the first!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha

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