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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


In the early part of the day I would get up early and make breakfast with Charlie. On weekends mom& dad would sleep in. Charlie was my grandpa, who lived with us. He was my best friend when I was a wee girl.
We would take walks, cook, eat, tell stories, shave, yep I would shave his whiskers off with his razor, paly dolly make dolly's and all sorts of great adventures together.
Charlie was my Karmic grandfather as I was adopted and he knew from somewhere deep inside his soul what that felt like. I was not lead to believe I was alone he was always there, and even though he's been gone over 50 years I know he is still here looking over me with God and the angels. I had spent two years in an orphanage when we met.
My parents had lost a child three years before the decided to adopt. I'm eternally grateful to that soul for the space I was able to fill in their lives and learn from them how to weave a life of my own filled with Grace kindness and a strong desire to learn.
To Charlie I was simply adorable. I had my own swing in the living room, a doll carriage the size of a real one very costly so my mother pronounced to the world and an array of nice clothes and other toys, with an inheritance in the bank for growing up on.I always knew there was always going to be enough.
One of our favorite pastimes was keeping Curly his black haired Cocker Spaniel mix. She never left his side.She too liked ginger cookies.
Charlie was 78 when he came to live at our house. I didn't know why  I was just so happy. He was not well but I never saw that I was 10 and very much in love with my old grandpa. He could do no wrong still can't. In my eyes he was every thing God could be.
His body was getting tired
He always had trouble with his stomachs. Today we call this acid reflex. But 60 years ago we were not sure in The Maritimes what it was.
One fine spring day I arrived in our drive to see a weird looking truck ( an ambulance) parked there. I crouched up close to the house so they could not see me.Two men with a gurney came out of the house with Charlie laying on it and put him in the truck and drove away. That was the last time I saw my grandpa.
I became very frightened and very lonely that day and it would be a very long time before I could learn to trust again. I did.
I mead my way into the house and mommy and I talked about where Charlie was going to be with Jesus.Four days later he was gone home to heaven.
How he looked and sounded still reverberates in my soul.He was tall and smooth voice one of the softest male voices I ever heard, almost musical.He had a glow in his eyes and soft oily complexion, a bald head with a few tufts of hair, he wore wire framed glasses,a well rounded face and head with a smile always ready for me AMD a story in his sweet heart to tell to anyone who would listen.His style was flannel summer and winter, with work pants usually brown.
He loved tea and fish with potatoes.
He liked Old Spice shaving lotion if he used any at all.He was a woodsman,a hunter, a builder,a successful business man,a good neighbour and a friendly giant to a little orphan girl;  Charlie.

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