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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Whose Idea Was This

Its Early dreary dark mornings in Atlantic Canada.I awake at 7am to see the dark for ten long erkky moments of knowing summer grasses in my mindfulness of getting up soon.I sigh and wish I could be in Florida for the month of March, not my favorite month.
After not sleeping well the nights before I decide its pay day and I deserve a treat, and also decide who says I cannot get up early and get my errands done.Its pay day so I'm off to the races.Up at 6am wash dress eat brekky and I'm ready for the markets and the bus! Into town to do a few errands and pay bills.
Its Tuesday and my bus driver is not on! Oh Oh Senior time is not till 9am.This is when most intelligent none inventive seniors are still home in bed " its 7am lady, senior time is not till 9am". "So you are telling me I cannot come on the bus/"." Yep "he nods his little prick- head!!!!
So I turn and step off the bus, somewhat confused ,my usual driver would have laughed made a joke and on we would go!
I'm still not daunted and decide to go to the road below four long block to the sea and the service station where there is a banking machine and I can get bus fare for the next # 80.Takes me about 20 minutes and all goes well.I'm back standing at the bus stop within 20 minutes!!! Yeah!!!
Along comes the bus and drives right past me!!!!! He did not see me there!!! I saw how fast he was coming,approaching the red light, just 500 yards from the dark bus stop. Yes Its almost 7:30 and still dark in March. OUCH!!!! I'm passed!!!! I walk I dance, I sing to the trees!!! Eventually along come another bus not going the way I want to go but I decide that half way is better than none at this point.
I ride along and see my turn for the new bus coming up so I ring the bell. Half a kilometer up the road he lets me off. Now I have about six city blocks to walk back to ride the bus I need to go to my bank in town, inner city banking prancing!!!!I ask myself is there a camera on this punch and Judy show here today...... hard not to think I'm being tested not just the victim of human stupidity!!!! My own!!!
So I'm walking down the Bedford Highway against the hordes of traffic all heading for the bridge bad Lady Hammond road one of the busiest roads six lanes highways in Nova Scotia, the only one to my knowledge.I seethe pier with so many ships from all over the world in the Bedford basin I think of all the laces they have been and wish I was there, when all of a sudden a truck hits a water puddle as I take my next step and I'm covered with a spray of dirty water as if someone turned on a fuckin shower hose!!!!! Wham!!!! Batman Whoosh!!I'm laughing and crying at the same time!!!!
I'm now about 800 years from the bus stop I'm heading for! Great! I can see the bus coming and run!!!I make it!!! Let this day begin,I get my break!!!! One must be willing to put all efforts into there decisions with the intensions of doing what they believe is good for them.
The outcome of my day was not line  up at the bank, no rain, no line up at he stores at 8:30am, nr at Timmy's from brekky.It was a blessed day and It was all my own idea....... yes!!! 

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