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Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Prayer The Drum

At the Sky Harbor, Phoenix airport my ride is no where in sight of the pick up spot i was told about.
After borrowing a cell phone and waiting a half hour I step into an air conditioned SUV from terminal 4 and head for the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale.
"How come so many trucks and SUV'S here, you dont have snow "
"Well its kind of a cowboy thing here.The guys go up in those sand dunes you see in those hills over there and just house around." "Thats what they like to do here " That's would have made perfect sense to me when I was 12. I miss my little brown Fiat back home, in an after thought.
The ride in cost me 35.00 and the ride out on the Franciscan account cost me 20.
There are two lifestyles in Phoenix, the haves and the have nots. It took me a day or two to learn how to sidestep the hustlers the quick dough makers.I also met the kids in school and working.One little guy told me his grandpa gaving him a guitar and when he dont think life is so great he can sit and play and sing.We had a lot on common.
Im not at the desk of the Franciscan Renewal Center , when Im met by a cherrful smile and bright brown eyes of a lady named Colleen. The first wiff of Celticness since I left Nova Scotia!!!Refreshing!! We laugh and joke a bit then she sets me up with all I need for the four minute walk to my quarters.What a lovely place!!! A true oasis in the dessert of commercialism!! St Francis of Assisi would be proud of this glorious endeavor. I pass a temple, a pool,a kitchen,coolers,the most wonderful cedar trees I have ever seen and a rose bed! All kept immaculate by volunteers.
The facility was a paradise 6 or 7 hummingbirds played and frolicked outside my window the whole time was there filling my heart with Joy healing me to greet another very hot day, and rising.The meals were delicious and the staff were on the spot.I would return in a more winter setting just to visit this sweet and silently hillside casa .It is truly a spiritual gift to have been able to live for a week within its walls.
Cacti glore met my eyes at every they are majestic and wonderous at survival in the hot temperatures! Im amazed at their endurance!
My favorite spot was a circle of rocking chairs about 50 yard from my door, so at 5am I made my way there in silence, smudged with sweet grass, prayed, meditation, then off to breakfast.I felt safe and grounded in this little cicle of rocking chairs.It was as if I had been welcomed into a healing circle of ancestors, who knew I was comming and knew my every need.
Behind this grove was a small temple, the original built in 1784.I went here to meditate on my last day and thinking it was just a perfect place for the acoustics I sang my last prayer of worship!
As I was thinking about what to sing I sat in stillness and silence looking at a white dove pictured in the carpet,the sun shone through a stain glass window .I thought os how many prayers were already said in the holy place, I thought of my son, I thought of all the people who helped to bring me to this moment in time and I felt pride in who I had become as a woman.A song came from my lips that I have not sung in many years as a girl in church, and I sang it with gusto and tears streaming down my face in joy and some sorrow.I knew I was releasing my son from family commitments and leaving him to do his final soul work here on the earth.
    Oh Lord my God when I in awesome wonder
     consider all the world thy hands have made
    I see the stars I hear the rolling thunder
    Thy power throughout the Universe displayed
     Then sings my soul my savior God to thee
    How Great thou art How Great thou art............
I finished the song, gave thanks and left for my plane home.

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