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Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Prayer, The Drum

It's a dark ,cool June,3am morning in the underground garage where my daughter keeps her car.The one that has decided not to start for reasons we wont go into here .Im on my way to catch a flight to Phoenix Arizona for the 29th Joshua Tree  gathering with women from around world. Lynn Andrews is a shaman woman of renowned distinction , author or more than 20 books on the ancient teachings of The Sisterhood of Shields. She has a mystery school for self healing and a school for artists who are learning to write called Writing Spirit. For Lynn it all began with a dream and so like unfolds from our dreams.This pilgrimage, the vision quest from the shores of Nova Scotia to Arizona is a dream come true for me and Im not surprised the car won't start.Every good thing has a price.
If there is one person who believes in me its my oldest daughter Kelly. She gracefully wipps out her phone calls a friend cabby and Im off to the airport in style .I am constantly in amazement of her and she has become one of my best friends.
We are ordinary women with extraordinary skills most of which we have honed in the Great Mystery of life.These women who are hosting with Lynn are students of her mystery school. Im excited yet Im cam and sensible for I know not to place anyone on a pedestal and all gifts are equal to Great Spirit?God, Allah, Buddha, Higher consciousness of the Universe.
There is only one great death trap awaiting me in Phoenix which I have absolutely no awareness of. HEAT !!! Unbearable heat and a killer for someone a ignorant of dessert life as I am.
The plane is huge but seems small its over crowded and worn.
The trip to Toronto is without incident and I arrive in US customs where I take off my shoes to be inspected. That,s a first. You can smell fear everywhere.
We take off for Phoenix, the man beside me on the left is very afraid of flying and sleeps.\he is pale and I intuit he has taken pills to allow him some sleeping comfort while flying.The man on my left is talking about his philanthropic endeavors; of he and his wife, who is seated in the isle seat beside him.He speaks openly anout his money, his wife, his connections and all the goods he has shipped all over the world to third world countries.And make no mistake he owns it all. . He is a good man. His ignorance is that he beleives like so many the America is number one in the world, in abundance , in love, in goodness, in grace,in generosity etc. He cannot see the starving in the streets, he cannot see the lonely in the old peoples homes......he is as Jesus said poor in sight. So we listen to him then he turns to a movie and I meditate.
I can see out the window now all there is NOT for me to see.I who just left my beautiful eat Atlantic coast line of Nova Scotia.I see barrren dessert, no trees no hardwoods, no ocean or water at all,.I see sand craters and grid and grid of little houses with pools. 

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