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Monday, July 15, 2013

Chilled Out

I was near 40 when we moved our family to the West Indies for a few years.Barbados was the perfect spot,no huge highways,overcrowded schools, out of order mall washrooms,and no one calling to suck you into a quick sale on goods or politics.I was in my peak in most areas of my life.
Days of breezes and sun on the beach,tea in a two piece suit with no high heels; or marketing stats.Sea sounds softly lulling me to sleep each night while my heart healed from years of feeling disconnected from the earth and my love for the earth..So long restful days and nights in quiet simplicity and solitude  my soul glorified in after 40 years of hustle and bustle here in North America.They were welcome times.
After a year of this I was happy to tag along after my partner on business trips to other islands.We went to the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda.We stayed in a lovely marina hotel.
My partner was out days, so I was left to my own devices.

It was during the O.J.Simpson trial and I never missed a chance to see him sweat.I wanted to curl up on the couch with a blanket, a bag of chips and watch T.V.It had ben awhile since I had felt cosy.Real kind of cosy only a Maritimer can relate to.
So I turned up the air-conditioner to high, went out for chips and bought a pair of socks,and grabbed a fluffy acrylic blanket off the shelf by the door.What that blanket was doing in a hotel, in a country, where the temperature never goes below 75 degrees Ive no idea!!! Im just glad it was there, and so  there my lover found me four hours later.Cosy as a bug in a rug!!!
"Why is it so cold in here?" can imagine the lol

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