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Friday, July 12, 2013

Cremation and Kay's Kitchen

We had decided to go to the Cape out of the blue one weekend in the snow of winter.A huge storm hit and the night of the storm we all gathered into Kay's kitchen to tell tales and drink tea.
Well we hadn't gotten to far into it when Allan came in all fussin and stopping off the snow.
Up went one of the older girls and soon settled him in with a hot mug of tea, and he was off a tellin too.
One story spoke os a light in the window on the night of a birth or the night before the birth, not sure.
Allan was at his best with the telling and the hospitality second to none in Kay's kitchen,where she had told many tales of the like in bygone nights before.Allan asked "Finn do you know that old road over the marsh road that goes up into the mountain?" "Been on it many times Allan but not for a few years now pretty washed out in places, no one haulin out of there anymore(logs)"
Allan sat quiet sipped a bit more tea all was quiet, "well I was up there last year with my aunts car on a Saturday and got stuck?' Oh we all had a great laugh at this imaginative scene. Allan had always seemed a bit funny in the head and he was mostly always drunk!!!!So it seemed quit the natural way for him,as sweet a soul as he is.But no one was prepared for what came out of the man's mouth next.For there had always been a high regard for the church and other holy things in Kay's kitchen.
"Yes !!!", he said,"I worked on that damn wheel in ice for two hours,then I looked on the back window,so I used the ashes that were in the back seat.". This at first seemed a puzzle that strange looks in his direction  soon set straight!!!
"Me cousin you se,e had been buried two weeks afore,the ashes in the Urn were on the back window,so I used a few and got the wheel out!!!
Holy Mother of GOD!!!! was the look on every woman's face in the room!!!!!then we roared with sweet laughter!!!!! There was nothing to be made of it now!!!!!!

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