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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Wedding

In my forties one of the young nieces was married in high style, and I was able to attend.It was a sweetest wedding ceremony Ive yet to see what with the ancient pagan tying of the wrist's intentions ceremony.
The bride wore Red the day was set within a fine sea breeze and bright yellow sunlight.Why, there were even cameras placed on our chairs FREE!!!The bride was wearing red.
Well we all had a right good time and and the drinks were not yet being served, as we were just lining up  for the reception line.I saw Christine out of the corner of my eye, and always liked to say hello to her.She had been Kay's neighbor since forever and her husband Laudy had driven the school bus for years, and years.I had met them many times.
Now, Christine prided herself on being well cared for, and looking smart.And, so she should, she was a stunning looking woman  always dressed well and pretty.He husband was a tease.So I do think his comment was directed towards her as well as me,in the fun of it all.
On this particular day I made my way through the crowd to her side, and saw this lovely Linen and chiffon soft sage green suit, then her."Where did you find this exquisite suit Christine?",I asked, and as quick as a tadpole's tale Laudy leans in and,  in his drawling Scottish brogue he pipes, "at the Co-Op". I chuckled so hard I almost fell over!!!!!
The co-op in the village of Inverness,was noted for hardware and stylish dish pans!!!!

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