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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


During my forties I took a job in a detox centre with Canada Health and Welfare, over on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. This career took me to the West Indies later in my life.

Working as a counsellor and Reiki Practioner today with a bit more foresight and wisdom I can see how the trail has been allowing me to consolidate my gifts and abilities.

Humour is the greatest gift outside of vision, I have been cultivating in this lifetime. Many funny times were experienced there over my two years in service there.
One day four or five of us were having a smoke in the smoking room and talking about this and that.
There was myself, a very prominent singer’s wife from Newfoundland, she didn’t weigh 90 lbs soaking wet. I never in my days as a rehab counsellor saw a person shake with the tremors like she had the day before. It was as if she was in an electric shock for 12 hours.

An,elderly woman around 74 who’s doctor had her on velum for 14 years was slumped over at the table! One of the nurses Mary was there. We were both easy to talk to.

We told of baby deliveries, recipes, and finally the conversation turned to menopause.

The old woman very drowsily over in the corner with a cigarette sticking up out of her face says, “Huffy, menopause never affected me can’t say I had any problems there!”

In a flash the wit of the newfie girl flew a spuu of words that went something like this. ”Yeah yaw old fucker, ya probably got drunk and slept through it”!!

Well the whole room of women laughed for days on this one and the elderly woman felt acceptance on the spot. For this was the type of language she was accustomed to. It was very helpful for this elderly woman who desperatlry wanted to go home had found it very difficult to trust the medical comminuty after having such a tramatic experience with her last doctor.She then was able to last the five weeks in hospital and plan a solid follow-up for when she did return home.


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